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Latin America


Miguel Ayllon, facilitator
International Center,
College of Engineering

Fransicso Aguilar
School of Natural Resources

Moises Arce
Department of Political Science

Irma Arteaga
Truman School of Public Affairs

Erik Blandon
Department of Romance Languages and Literature

Donald Burke-Aguero
Department of Molecular Microbiology and Immunology,
Department of Chemistry

Larry Dill
Trulaske College of Business

Tim Evans
Department of Veterinary Pathobiology

Maria Fidalgo
Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering

Jere Gilles
Department of Rural Sociology

Ryan Griffin
International Admissions

Tanya Haeussler
Mizzou K-12 Online

Brett Johnson
School of Journalism

Gabrielle Malfatti
College of Education

Rebecca Martinez
Department of Women’s and Gender Studies

Pedro Melendez
Department of Veterinary Medicine and Surgery

Pilar Mendoza
Department of Educational Leadership and Policy Analysis

David Mendoza-Cozatl
Division of Plant Sciences

Mauro Palmero
Department of Hospitality Management

Patrick Pithua
Department of Veterinary Medicine and Surgery
Master of Public Health Program

Joseph Polacco
Department of Biochemistry

Eva Szekely
School of Music

Corinne Valdivia
Division of Applied Social Sciences

Carlos Wexler
Department of Physics and Astronomy